2008 Roblox Visor
2008 Visor
Genre All
Creator ROBLOX
ID 1459035
Genre All
Description Remember when you used to keep cool under this ROBLOX visor? Well now the economy is imploding and everyone is doomed. Yes, those were the good old days. *sigh*
On Sale No
Membership Required No

The Roblox 2008 Visor is the second annual visor released by Roblox on February 28, 2008. Like how the 2007 visor had red, this one has blue. The color scheme was reversed, where as the year's color is on the text instead of the whole hat, which is black. This color scheme was in use until 2009, and then again in 2013. As usual, this went off sale in 2009 with 171850 sold. wow im a noob that wears that