2009 Roblox Visor
2009 Visor
Genre Town and City
Creator ROBLOX
ID 7135977
Genre Town and City
Description Remember when you used to keep cool under this ROBLOX visor? Well now googlor is developing sentience and everyone is doomed. Yes, those were the good old days. *sigh*
On Sale No
Membership Required No

The 2009 Roblox Visor was the third annual visor released on Janurary 16th 2009 and was sold until the 2010 visor was released the following year. This hat was on sale for 9 Tix. Like the 2008 Visor, this follows the same color scheme. The year's color is resembled as the color of the Roblox Text. This would be the last visor using the reversed scheme until 2013.

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