2011 Roblox Visor
2011 Visor
Genre Town and City
Creator ROBLOX
ID 42900214
Genre Town and City
Description Keep cool under this ROBLOX visor!
On Sale No
Membership Required No

The 2011 Roblox Visor was the fifth annual visor released on December 26th 2010 and was taken off the market in early 2012 with 153121 sold. This visor contunies the previous year's scheme, having the blue replacing the green. This visor is also, the first visor not to be sold the same number as the year's last number. For example, the 2008  Visor was on sale for 8 Tix, and the 2007 Visor for 7 Tix. Instead of it costing 11 Tix, the visor cost 10 Tix, the same as the 2010 Visor. As of 2013, all of the later visors have been 10 Tix. With the exception of the 2013 Visor, which was at 10 Robux for a short time before reverting back. This visor, looks almost identical to the next year's visor, the 2012 Roblox Visor, with the only difference being more darker.