Elite Wing
Elite Wing
The Current Elite Wing logo
Founded 2007
Owner Sanuske
ID 54
Genre Sci Fi War Clan
Status Inactive as of May 2013

Elite Wing (EW) Is a group on Roblox known for being the second oldest clan on Roblox. And, the first with a military and also, the oldest active today. Elite Wing was founded in 2007 by a Roblox user named DrewsomeB, who has since given the group to ClassicLover. In May 2013, ClassicLover gave the group to Sanuske, who was an Admiral before. The group has been inactive since May 2013. The group was in the middle of a reform when it was put on hold. All ranks Captian below are now enlisted. There is no other info on the reform that was planned for the group.


There are 16 ranks in the Elite Wing, From "Enlisted" to "Cadet", are the only ranks users can join without going in the Elite Wing Military and Officer Academy


A member who just joined. HRs then check the members in this rank and then rank them up to Verified Enlisted

Verified EnlistedEdit

A member who has been checked by the HRs. Users have a choice of joining the Academy or they will not be able to rank up.


Member who is currently in the Elite Wing Military and Officer Academy. After they graduate, they are considered in the Elite Wing and are promoted to Ensign.


Lowest rank in the Elite Wing. Ensigns can attend Raids, do stuff for the group to be promoted.


Elite Wing Military and Officer AcademyEdit

The training brance of the Elite Wing. Cadets join this group to then be promoted to Ensign in the main Elite Wing group. This division was created in 2013, and has been inactive since May 2013.