Flight 2013(Formerly Called "Flight 2012")  Is a game created by Roblox user coolikevin22.


The Gameplay of Flight 2013 involves around 3 islands: St Victoria, St Santiago, and, Mirage. Users can choose which island they want to spawn to. Then, the player spawns in between the planes at the island's airport where the goal is to choose a plane, and fly it away from their starting island and then fly to another island.

Unlike other games, Flight 2013 has more of a realistic approach to planes. The controls are more complex and colliding will destroy the plane.


Fort VictoriaEdit

Fort Victoria is a basic island. There is a landing strip, runways, and a place to obtain an plane by spawning one, all located on a sandy island.There is an airport traffic control tower as the only building on the island. Inside, is a map of the island that shows the location of each player that is on or near the island

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