Ro-Mall is a game built by Hagar5000. The setting was in a mall,where users could create their own store from a template Hagar5000 once sold. Users got the first two months free , then payed a certian amount of robux for having their stores in the mall. This game has since been unactive and Hagar5000 no longer accepts stores.

Photo of the Mall.


There were 3 sizes of stores: Small,Medium and Large. And 2 Booths the same sizes.

List of stores operating in the mall

  • A+Cargo owned by Jebas
  • Padrig's owned by Padrig
  • NHL Store owned by Freakyjacob
  • Btron Store owned by Newcastlefan118
  • Willinc Superstore owned by petsmart
  • Padrig's Collectibles owned by Padrig *This store was replaced by "Padrig's"
  • Baseball02a Store owned by Baseball02a

Prices for the stores per month

  • Small Booth 10 tix
  • Large Booth 20 tix
  • Small Store  50 tix
  • Medium Store 80 tix
  • Large Store 100 tix

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